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We love this advert by Saatchi & Saatchi for Visa called Football Evolution:

The concept behind Football Evolution is itself an evolution of an earlier ad by Saatchi & Saatchi called Running Man:

When we tested Football Evolution as part of our weekly omnibus we found that viewers were engaged and enjoyed the ad but we were surprised to find it didn’t do as well as Running Man for some key metrics including recall and recognition and message delivery. We reviewed the emotional response and the eye tracking data and the disconnect quickly became apparent:

In the final scenes of Running Man the mystery of why the actor is naked is resolved and both women and men experience enjoyment, then the actors fade into the background and are replaced by the Visa card image and tag line “Life FLOWS better with Visa”. In Running Man the emotional high point is strongly linked with the branding moment and we know that emotion and memory are strongly linked.

Visa Running Man Eye Tracking

In contrast, the emotional engagement and eye tracking results show that in Football Evolution the emotional high point where the protagonist scores a goal and celebrates with his team mates is not strongly linked to the branding moment because viewers are looking at the protagonist and not the branding information:

Visa Football Evolution Eye Track Original

So we took a lead from Running Man and changed the final scenes of Football Evolution to mimic Running Man:

Visa Football Evolution Eye Track Iteration 1

The emotional engagement and eye tracking results show how the emotional peak is now strongly linked to the branding moment. Key metrics of recall, recognition and message delivery are all now increased by more than 8% in the amended version of Football Evolution. Achieving these results could have been cost and time effective for Visa; this study took less than three days as part of Think’s omnibus.

We contacted Saatchi & Saatchi ahead of positing this blog and received no reply. If you would like to know more please email me on rob@bunnyfoot.com

  • http://www.verilliance.com/blog Jennifer

    Curious how you’re measuring emotional engagement?

  • http://www.thinkeyetracking.com Robert

    Hi Jennifer thanks for asking! We will be going public on our approach to measuring implicit emotional responses soon.
    But until then, as you can infer from the language used in this and the last blog http://thinkeyetracking.com/Blog/?p=708 we have the ability to measure specific emotional responses with a high degree of fidelity . For example “the advert elicited subconscious emotional responses of surprise with confusion, mild shock and in some cases disgust.”
    I am sure you have already worked out it’s not a similar approach to the one used by verilliance.

  • Innovacion

    really interesting explanation. i really enjoy the post. thanks.

  • Jennifer

    Robert, thanks for the reply. As a one-woman show I use secondary research. My goal is to continue to interpret data and turn it into actionable items for clients, and move toward more collaboration with primary research firms, or perhaps to move to a primary research firm myself.

    I have plans for a road trip this spring to start meeting and interviewing various primary research firms and labs in eye tracking, neuromarketing, and related firms/labs. Unfortunately you’re too far away for a road trip, but would be happy to interview by skype at some point. Also, if you have any interest in guest-blogging shoot me a proposed topic.

    I look forward to hearing when you go public on your approach. Shoot me an email if you have time.

  • http://www.thinkeyetracking.com Robert

    Hi Jennifer, great, I’d love to! I’ll catch up with you on email.